Aug 18, 2009

I've been tagged. Perhaps this is my formal introduction?

Kerri, the owner of one of my favorite Etsy shops Ten Things has tagged me through her blog. Be sure to check out her shop, as you will find many lovely handmade jewelry items along with feather hairpieces you'll adore!

Okay, I'm supposed to share ten interesting things about myself. Hmmmmm. . .

1.My name is Jessica, and I am one of four children from a mom and dad who have been married for over 35 years!

2. I grew up in the country and what we've always called "the boonies" for most of my childhood. There was ONE grocery store and ONE gas station in our whole town at that time.

3. Though I'm the kind of girl who loves to get dressed up, travel, and appreciate life in the big cities, I remain a country girl at heart. When you live in the country your whole life and you long to escape, and you finally DO, after a while you realize that you miss what you had back then. I *love* nature. My parents have always had huge amazing gardens, and we were never without animals. We usually just had horses, but we've also had dogs, chickens, piglets, goats, sheep and cows. (Basically all of the farm animals you can think of.) :D

4. I've had a crush on Clint Eastwood ever since I was a little girl.

5. I have a very strong passion for literacy. When I was a kid I was crazy about Reading Rainbow, and wanted to work on the show when I grew up. ;) I've volunteered for a local program that helps adults learn how to read. I especially loved volunteering for another local program for kids that focuses on helping them write their own stories and poetry. I *love* kids. They have these imaginations that will amaze you beyond belief! When I finally get back to finishing my degree, I hope to one day have a career as a Children's librarian.

6. In my early 20's I was in a digital video class and every student in the class had to anonymously write a short movie. Out of the 31 movies written, the 4 receiving the highest number of votes were chosen to be produced and mine was one of them. That was an incredibly happy day for me!

7. I would love to make digital movies again. You know something is a true passion when NINE hours goes by and you're so into what you're doing that you didn't even notice that so much time had passed. *The creative process is magical that way.*

8. I couldn't live without my journals. I've been writing in a journal since I was about 12 years old. They are my most prized possession of all.

9. I like to call myself a dark chocolate connoisseur, though that is likely a bit of an overstatement. I DO, however, eat dark chocolate on average at least once a day. I'm happy to say that I can justify that because it is good for women. :D

10. I'm absolutely crazy about people who make me laugh, and love supporting live comedy whenever I can. "Laughter is an instant vacation." -Milton Berle

That was fun! It's nice to make your acquaintance. :) Now I'm supposed to tag 10 more bloggers. Here they are. Looking forward to hearing your ten things, gals.

Elena Daciuk
Sweet Pomona



  1. Thanks for the tag. I can totally get behind your passion for dark chocolate, but hold the bacon! ;)
    - Lindsay

  2. Thanks for the tag, Jessica! :) Love knowing more about you--you have an infectious lust for life. And I give you major props on the literacy volunteering. You rock!

    So I love bacon and I love dark chocolate, and I've been curious about that Vosges bar. How is it?

  3. Oh goodness, Reading Rainbow! I LOVED that program! And - somewhere in my closet there is a box full of all my old journals. I just dug through it a few days ago and was basically laughing like a psychopath alone in my room from all the embarrassing things I wrote in there. ;)

    Thanks for the tag, by the way! I'm so flattered!

    xxxxx Jayne

  4. jessica, i think you'll make the coolest, hippest children's librarian ever!

  5. Thanks for commenting gals! It sure is hard putting oneself "out there" sometimes, but well worth it. :)

    Karen, I loved the bacon bar, call me crazy! I didn't think I'd like mixing two of my favorite and very contrasting flavors but it ended up being a pleasant surprise to the senses. Let me know what you think when you try it. :)

    Jayne, journals are our best friends. :) I look forward to reading your 10 things.

    Kerri, THANK YOU. I can't wait! :)

  6. merci for the tag!:) i love doing things like this! you seem to forget certain things about yourself until you have to write them down! i loved reading rainbow too..not sure i wanted to work on the show though;) love it...thank you so much..i feel like i know you much better now!! xoxoxo


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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