Jul 16, 2012

Mini Wrap

IMG_1559 IMG_1526
This is probably the miniest of the mini dresses that I will wear this summer. I couldn't pass up that pretty asian-inspired floral print. Isn't it great? and Shhhhhh! Between you and me -- I actually found this little frock in the pajama section when I was thrifting, but I think it works fine as a little dress! (breakin' rules) :p It's suuuuper soft & silky too, and fits me quite well. not vintage, but still a keeper. Wrap dresses are so easy to wear, and flattering for all body types! Think I might layer this with tights & a cardigan in the fall too, it's so comfortable! What do you think, good rule breakin' or bad rule breakin'?


  1. Great rule breaking! I absolutely love it and you look gorgeous in it!! :) <3

  2. Definitely a good rule breakin'!
    Very cute and the print is beautiful.

  3. You look very cute and love the transitional outfit idea for the fall!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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