Jul 26, 2012

Madame Mystery

Currently reading up on the Edwardian era of fashion, and learning about many of the famous actresses of the time. None of the women mesmerize me like Theda Bara! Those big kohl-heavy eyes likely spellbound many back then. She was one of the first sex symbols in film and dubbed the VAMP of the black & white movie era. Isn't she such a beauty? I'd love to do a photo shoot inspired by her look...


  1. She is gorgeous and I think you could totally pull of a photo shoot inspired by her look! :)

  2. very interesting post! I haven't looked into the Edwardian era much. This girl is stunning!

  3. It's always fun to read about another era!

  4. Do it! Her eyes are amazing...I'd imagine in the silent film era such large and expressive eyes would be a requirement to be a successful actress.


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