Jul 16, 2011

That 70's Girl

Lots of pretty goodies from the 1970's have been making their way into the shop this summer! I'm crazy about that first pantsuit - the color, the sleeves, the high waist! I just know some tiny girl is gonna rock that outfit!

The second dress pictured is an XL, it's not often I find such a cute dress in a larger size, but I'm always happy when I do. I want my shop to be full of vintage pretties for ALL sizes! That's something I continue to work on.

I'm off this weekend to my family reunion for my Dad's side. And in two more weekends from now, it will be time to for a reunion on my Mom's side, what a busy month!!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! XO

Visit the shop HERE.


  1. Great update--love the color on that jumpsuit!

    It's funny about sizes. I always feel like people like to cry about how "tiny" everything vintage is. But lately I've been finding quite a lot of vintage that isn't at all "tiny" and I wonder why it doesn't fly off the shelves! :D

  2. Some lovely bits - wishing I could rock a jumpsuit.... xxx

  3. oh i love that peach colored dress. so darling! always great picks!



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