Jul 15, 2011

J.A.M. for July

It was on the daydream lily blog that I saw this cute little post called J.A.M, which stands for Just A Minute. It's a little break from regular blogging to let your bloggers (especially the new ones) in on what's keeping you busy currently in life. Thought I'd do one today since I've noticed a few new followers and commenters lately. :)

Here's what I've been up to! 

Loving . . . summer, SO much I can't even tell you! Hands down my favorite season, and I think just laying in the grass watching clouds is so very underrated. Being able to spend time with my niece, nephew, and son is also so PRECIOUS to me. They're crazy happy when they get to see one another as well, and it's so funny being the one telling them, "you know when I was your age. . ." now! I still vividly recall my elders saying the same thing to me, seems like just yesterday. ;)

cloud watching

Reading. . . Many cookbooks lately, actually. I feel like summer is such a creative time, and I'm trying my best to learn some new recipes to keep my taste buds excited throughout the year. Oddly loving being in the kitchen, but cooking has a way of calming me it seems, any of you feel this way as well? Also reading Fuel, poems by Naomi Shihab Nye, and I LOVE this one so much.

Listening to . . . The High Highs, introduced to me by a twitter friend Ruby Heels Vintage. Love 'em! Also recently found out about Esperanza Spalding. She's pretty amazing, huh?

Watching . . . Twin Peaks! Never was able to view it during the 90's so when I found it on netflix, I knew what would be taking over the next few weeks of my evenings at home. It's SO weird, but entertaining nonetheless. The odd characters are the best part! Also love watching Jack dig holes & try to catch fireflies in the backyard. Is he adorable or what?!
Jack diggin holes.

Buying. . . my brother recently gave me an essential oil diffuser and I'm IN LOVE with it lately. I've always wanted to get into aromatherapy, and I've been really excited about buying new essential oils now. It's neat how scents can really have an effect on your mood. My favorite oils so far are tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemon. They make my apartment smell so lovely!

Wanting. . . this dress from AntiqueAddictions on Etsy. No idea where I would even wear it to, but it's pretty gorgeous, isn't it?

Working on. . . being organized, believe it or not! It's really just papers. Papers galore! Pictures too. These things all need a place and I think I need to invest in more filing organizers and photo albums. I try to set aside at least an hour every day just focusing on organizing. (least favorite hour of the day) :-p

Wishing. . . That my parents lived closer to me. And that I wrote more in my journal. And that I could be a better blogger with many more outfit posts. ;)

OK, friends, it's your turn! If you'd like to participate in J.A.M. be sure to leave a link in the comments about your post, I'd love to see what you're up to! I had fun writing this one up, think I might try to post one every month. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Neat idea...
    Interesting things here! I love that dress too. I've been unable to read for some reason...Though I've been reading a lot of blogs lately...And I've been loving Pinterest, so much inspiration!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. i love this! i love how much you love your son and nephews. i may have to j.a.m. soon :)

  3. Wow! Thank you for adding my jeweled Goddess dress to your fabulous, funny and interesting blog! I'm honored! AntiqueAddictions on Etsy.

  4. Great post! ...And introduction to your blog! I love it.

  5. Love this post--and that first picture of you lying in the grass, such awesome colors! I re-watched Twin Peaks a couple years ago for the first time since it originally aired, and it was such fun reliving it.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your summer, J!

  6. Andrea, I have yet to carve some time out for Pinterest, I kinda fear I could be on there for hours!

    Maria, you should definitely J.A.M soon! it's a fun way to reflect on the going ons in your life right now.

    Karen, I think Lucy is my favorite character! She cracks me up! Agent cooper is a real cutie too. ;)


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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