May 11, 2011

Right in my own backyard!

Today was glorious! The weather was - dare I say it before it suddenly starts hailing or something of the sort here in the unpredictable mitten? PERFECT. I feel lucky to live in a big house with a backyard and some woods surrounding one side. I actually live in an apartment inside of the house, but there is only one other apartment besides mine, and the tenants there are awesome people and thankfully, we get along superbly! (more about that later). ;)

We have 2 garden spaces out back, one for vegetables and herbs, and one for flowers. Aren't the bleeding hearts so lovely?  I also tried to take a pic of the robin's nest I spoke of earlier on twitter.You can't see the mama robin inside, but she's there! I'd need a latter in order to get her close up.

My favorite pics of all are the ones of Lukas (my son) making, as he phrased it, "The Toad Hotel" for the toad he found earlier in the day. I cannot believe how long he spent on this little project. Made me so happy to see :)

Haven't done an outfit post in a while, so I also threw in a picture of what I was wearing for the day. (I will admit that when I got home from running errands, my slippers took the place of those gorgeous summer floral sandals).

Olive green shorts outfit - vintage 80's Forenza - comfiest light rayon!
Brown leather belt - thrifted
Floral & red wedge sandals - purchased from the mall years ago

Love being outside in the spring! The air smells WONDERFUL right now.
Freshly planted basil
See him?


  1. You are absolutely adorable!

    Thanks again for being a part of my series. And for reminding me it's about time I planted my basil. :)

  2. hey doll, saw you in twitter earlier talking about the smell of rain! here i am now at your blog, i have loved it before i thought i have followed it but i guess i forgot! hehehe, lovely blog gorgeous!

  3. Thank you, girls! Nice to hear from two voices I'm not used to seeing on my blog. :)

    Jaime, get that basil planted, you'll be so happy you did when you can harvest it in the summertime and make yummy homemade pesto!

  4. Love this post! You have some gorgeous flowers growing in your yard. And mmmmm, basil.

    Andy would be very jealous of Lukas' toad hotel. And that reminds me, I can't wait to start hearing the frogs at night. So far, sleeping with the windows open I've only heard what sounds like feral cats making love, and owls (far prefer the owls!).

  5. hahah! Oh, Karen, I know what you mean about feral cats. I've been hearing them lately too. I wholeheartedly agree, much prefer crickets, owls, frogs, toads. . . even barking dogs. ;)

  6. Oh goodness these are great shots!! I love the toad hotel. It is something I have done before but with cardboard boxes put together when I was a kid. I've owned dozens of toads so I love this!!! hehe.
    What beautiful flowers!

  7. such a gorgeous back yard! love the flowers!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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