May 8, 2011

Home Is Where the Mom Is

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mama!

No one in my life is or has been ever been as supportive to me as my mom, Amalia. I am grateful for the person she is and how she helps me see things in a more positive light when I so often need to. I couldn't ask for a better role model, and just wanted to dedicate this post and song to her. So happy to be spending today with her! Through the years I've realized how everyone in my family gravitates toward her, and when she's not around, it's never the same. Home is where the Mom is. :) What a special woman!

Love you, Mom!

♫ And I NEVER could have come this far without you
For everything you've done, you know I'm bound, I'm bound to
thank you for it....♫

Happy Mother's day to all of my mommy friends online as well. <3 And I hope all of you get to spend time with your own special mamas today!

1 comment:

  1. Every time I hear the song "Kind and Generous" by Natalie Merchant, I think of Mom.
    So sweet!


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