Mar 5, 2011

Woman Under The Influence

Realize she's in a different place,
Realize her lack of social grace,
She can take the smile off his face,
He wants to take her somewhere she'll be safe...

- "Mabel" by the Juliana Hatfield Three

My favorite scene! Her swan dance in the yard.

Who knew that many years after I'd fallen in love with the song "Mabel" by the Juliana Hatfield Three, I'd find out that it was actually written as a tribute to a woman in a movie. Woman Under the Influence stars Gena Rowlands as an eccentric middle-aged wife and mother who will not accept that most people think she's crazy. Maybe she actually is a little nuts, but I love her spunk in this movie! Peter Falk costars as her husband. The movie is a bit long at almost 2 1/2 hours, but if you've got time you won't be disappointed in her performance. Be warned however, you may tear up more than once, this is a love story that will make your heart hurt a little.
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  1. Great movie. I also am an Etsyian and from Michigan! Your blog is very interesting and original in content. I just started a blog called Bunnies by the Bay at blogspot and am on Twitter. Wish you great success in all your endeavors.

  2. Okay, you have me convinced! I have never seen this classic, but now I must. (I love Peter Falk!)

  3. ooh this looks like my kind of movie, lined it up for this weekend if I can find it of course! brilliant! thanks for recommending Jess! x


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