Mar 4, 2011

Denim in Bloom

What do you guys think about floral print jeans? I love 'em, and probably have since my high school years, but only when they're done right. Recently found these late 80's/early 90's Gap pair for the shop, but then OOPS tried them on and decided to keep. I think the variety of colorful flowers looks pretty against the chartreuse background, and I like the high waist fit too. These will definitely get plenty of wear for spring when I'm in the mood for florals and even more florals!

If you also happen to be a fan of floral denim, below are a few of my etsy faves. Aren't those little mini dresses CUTE?




  1. Not on my hips. But you, cute...just depends on the figure...I'd say no to pear shapes (Like me)

  2. They are so cute. I had a pair VERY similar pair when I was about 13/14 you know back in the day, except they were kind of pastel. I would tight roll the end and wear Keds with them. Ha god bless the 90s'

  3. i LOVE the floral denim. i am currently on a search for a pair that fits me. def keep them! they look awesome on you.



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