Mar 22, 2011

Sheer Ruffled Pink & a Surprise!

Why am I smiling? For a few reasons. First, I scored this ridiculously cute dress at a flea market recently at a great price. I initially wanted to call it the "Lola Vintage dress" just because if you put something in front of my face that is pink, ruffled and sheer, chances are I'll probabaly love it! :)  The button detail and pintucks in front and back are also very much my cup of tea. Aren't those frilly cuffs just so doggone cute?

The second reason I'm smiling is because I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon to be in sunny California for a week with my honey.  {Please keep this in mind in case you buy anything from tomorrow until The 30th, as shipping will be delayed.) We'll be attending his brother's wedding in Palm Springs and afterward we're going to try camping in the Joshua Tree National Park. SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED!

Lastly, see that cute chained wicker vintage purse I'm holding in these pics? One lucky winner will be the new owner of it by next week when I get back because. . .

I'm having a G I V E A W A Y on Erin's blog which starts today! You'll find another little surprise that will be going along with the giveaway once you drop by the CALIVINTAGE blog. Don't miss your chance to enter gals, and good luck!


This is the face of a gal who knows she's going to be in sunshiny warm weather in only ONE DAY! :)


  1. beautiful dress, reminds me of spring :)

  2. what a great dress, it looks just lovely on you! I hope you have a fabbbuullous holiday! x

  3. Such a sweet dress and cute color! I'm such a sucker for buttons :)

    xo, Bruklyn

  4. LOVE the shade of your dress. I think this outfit may be my new favorite Spring inspiration. Paired with the bag, it is perfection. xoxo

  5. very pretty dress for a very lovely lady. I hope you have a super duper time in CA and wow that camping trip sounds romantic...oooh la la! x

  6. Enjoy your time with your sweetheart. And such a cute dress. I'd be smiling too if I were you!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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