Jan 8, 2011

I Resolve To. . .

Ohhhhhkay. It's past that time to make New Year's resolutions, isn't it? I guess I should've been thinking about this a week or so ago, but AS USUAL, I'm a few days behind on my blogging. It's going to take a week or two to get back into the swing of things after that all-too-relaxing couple of weeks of holiday, don't you think so?

here's my little list. did you already make yours?

I resolve to. . .
  • Make more time to spend with friends. I'm blessed to have awesome gal pals in my life. They have no idea how much their listening ears and fun spirits have meant to me. 
  • Do more outfit posts. I don't know why I don't. I usually take all the pictures of the outfit and never end up putting them up. (as was the case below)
  • appreciate nature no matter what season it is. Admittedly, winter is my least favorite season, but I pledge to try to find the good in it this year!
  • Get more organized. Somehow. someway. this seems so consistently difficult for myself year after year. *sigh*
  • Nurture my little boy's talents any possible way I can.  Where I grew up the only extra-curricular activities offered were band and sports. I'm so happy my son has more options where we live now. His latest interest? Acting! 
  • Make working out a part of my life. a happy part I hope. :) Just joined a gym recently! 
  • Cook for the people I love. I think cooking dinner or baking something for the people you care about is one of the most sincerely loving gestures. 
  • write, write, write. I don't know how I've let this passion slip away from me. (going to buy a new journal today)
  • and for the shop: 200 items? ? ? ? Keep me inspired, my fellow vintage sellers! I really want to make that happen this year. 
Au Revoir 2010, and hello 2011!


    1. Great list! I can totally relate to all of it and I totally agree about the cooking & baking.
      Sad part is that I am horrible at both :(
      You resolution has inspired me tho. Will try to make muffins for my BF even if they won't be perfect.
      Thanx for sharing!
      Lisa :)

    2. Get your booty to the gym TODAY! It's gorgeous out :-) I still plan on going tomorrow with you, too!

    3. oooh good list lady, love these ideas, I'm with you on all of them I think, but before the 200 items I so need to organize this space..yes please do more outfit posts you are such a cutie!

    4. I can't even fathom having 200 items in my shop at once. Go girl! And I need to see photos of that new haircut. Soon!!!

    5. Weezi, sounds like we both need practicing! ;)

      Amy please keep me motivated!

    6. 1). Make more time to spend with friends.

      Does this mean you'll come visit me soon! I hope so missy!!! :) Love ya!


    I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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