Jun 15, 2010

Soyrizo, soy delicious!

I rarely share food posts, but had to with today's breakfast because I'm so happy to have found this perfect & yummy Soyrizo from Trader Joe's recently. I'm not a vegetarian (or vegan) by any means, but I've never enjoyed eating sausage, and when I was a little girl my grandma and mom would make these incredibly delicious breakfast burritos with potatoes and chorizo (mexican sausage). Though I always loved the taste, I didn't like the idea that it was sausage.

This stuff tastes the exact same, there's no difference at all to me!

From this:

To this: (Just added melted cheese, tomatoes and freshly ground pepper)

Don't you love finding something your heart's been longing for?
The idea to make soy taste like Chorizo is brilliant!
It's all in the spices. Thank you, Trader Joe's. ♥
I wonder what Grandma would think. . . ;)


  1. I'm a meat eater who also sometimes eats faux meat, and it seems like the soy people do sausages and things that have spice in them particularly well. Looks like a delish burrito!

  2. I love CHORIZO for Bfast!!!
    Too bad it's not all that healthy, I only eat it once in awhile. But I have to say the Chorizo in Spain is outstanding! I think I endulge in it more there than here(when I visit).
    I am a meat eater, but lately not as much, my husband has turned us both into health nuts over the past few months.

  3. yes! i love soyrizo! i'm not vegetarian, either, but i was in high school much to my grandmother and mom's disappointment. this way, i could still eat chorizo and papas!

    now i have a craving...


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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