May 20, 2010

Blouse, Dress, Blouse, Dress

Just a few items recently added to the shop. I can't believe the pink froth that is the first blouse. HIGH DRAMA with that one! THE definition of "frilly" don't you think so?

Pink Blush Chiffon Blouse

Shine in Teal Halter Dress

Bold Stripe Librarian Ascot Blouse

Pleated Dream Navy Blue Chiffon Dress

It's almost the weekend dearies! Any fun plans for you?
My mama and I are headed up north here in the mitten for a women's retreat and getaway.
We'll be staying in a little cabin. I'm so excited! It's really a post mother's day celebration, since we weren't able to see each other during that time. I'm hoping to take many pics to share later.




  1. That pink top is great!
    You would wear that with pretty much anything!
    Have a great getaway weekend :)

  2. That teal dress is stunning! Not big weekend plans here. I feel a crafty project in the works!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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