May 17, 2010

More Vivids Please!

I don't know about you, but color has a magical way of instantly transforming my mood. Seems like I can never get enough of it in my little Etsy shop. Sometimes I feel like Punky Brewster left too much of an impression on me as a little girl. hmmm. . . ;)

Here are some recent additions to the little collection I'm hoarding right now in my home office.

I know, I KNOW the first item is a sweater and it's the beginning of spring and almost summer, but a girl can't help it, would ya just look at that color?

I love these vibrant, vivid hues!

Currently in the shop:

1960's Bright Banana Cardigan

1970s Coral Crochet Empire Maxi Dress

1970s Lovely Lilac Halter Sun Dress

vintage 1960s Technicolor Floral Dress

vintage 1980s Deep Blueberry Mini Pencil Skirt

vintage 70s Sailor Style STRIPED Dress

Vintage 70s Here Comes the Sun Dress


  1. Oh yes! I'm a firm believer in color as well!Color therapy was one of my concentrations back in college. It really can transform your mood. Ever wonder why most fast food places are red and yellow? (Carl's Jr., McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc.) It's because red subconsciously makes you hungry, and yellow stresses you out so you won't stay long. Any getting off topic here...but yes I love color and especially that brightly stripped dress.

  2. That yellow gauzey dress looks divine!Perfect for lounging around poolside this summer :)

  3. I love the cardigan. The colour is lovely, not sure it would suit me though.

    Lydia xxx


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