Dec 3, 2010

Label love, lingerie & a little bit of CUTE

Just a little Friday night update for you vintage lovers! I don't know what made me happier, finding that pretty Mocha-colored vintage Lanvin dress, or stumbling upon that NOS Panda sweater. I really thought hard about keeping the sweater just because it's too cute for its own good, but both items are actually a tad bit big on me. Another item I initially wanted for myself was that 40's skirt suit! I love the shape of it. Too small, and too bad for me. But I'm happy the shop is getting more filled every day. My goal for the new year is to attempt 200 items. We'll see. . .

P.s. Also, from now on be on the lookout for more lingerie in the shop. I find the two pieces added today quite sexy and they make the perfect little something to have on underneath a bombshell dress (or something like that skirt suit!)  Happy Friday! 

{Shop Lola}


  1. OOO vintage Lanvin! I can see this being worn by one of the chic ladies on the Sartorialist!


  2. Great finds, J! Loving the epaulets on that Lanvin dress.

  3. Wahou, I love the second dress, it's perfect !!

  4. I'm so in love with that panda sweater/vest! Its beyond cute :)


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