Nov 28, 2010

B-day, Freebies, & Friends

“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” -Lucille Ball

Yesterday I celebrated turning blankety-blank years old! ;) My awesome town has several places one can venture to on their special day to get free food and other goodies. . . so after living in this area for roughly 14 years, I decided to finally take advantage of these offers, and went on my merry way with my sis and later a few friends. 

First we did some thrifting. I always love taking a gander at the old books, don't you?
Then came my free breakfast at one of the best places to eat breakfast locally, Northside Grill!
After walking around a little more, it was time for the free Ben & Jerry's scoop, of course I had chocolate fudge brownie. (only the best ice cream ever created.)
We just had to stop into a couple of vintage boutiques, but don't worry, no "fugly" sweaters were purchased for the shop, or us for that matter. bdayshoppin
6 free bagels from the world-famous (it's true) Zingerman's Deli.
Lastly, this delicious restaurant gave me a free vegetarian entree. I ended up choosing a cilantro-peanut stir-fry that was DELECTABLE. Thank you to my besties for joining me this evening. I love you bunches!
bday din din
and p.s. I just had to share this with you guys. Do you remember me ever writing about the Innocence Mission? I've actually mentioned them a few times.  The group is one of my very favorite bands to listen to. . . and my brother just bought me their new cd for my birthday. What was so sweet about it was that they left a handwritten 'thank you' note in the envelope with the cd. Made my day! :) Isn't that neat? I want to write them a letter and tell them how much their music has meant to my life. I'm already loving the cd so much!
innocence mission mail
<3 my new Cd!
I'm grateful for having such a lovely birthday! A great big hug and thank you to my spunk-tacular ( I just know she loves that word) sister Dolores for spending the entire day with me! 
 Will post a few Thankgiving pics later this week! 
♥ Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. ♥


  1. ooh what a perfect day, exactly what I'd want to do on a birthday! many happy returns to you! xxx

  2. happy birthday, J! It looks like you had a good (cold!) day.

    Please excuse me now while I go listen to my old Innocence Mission album ;)

  3. Thanks girls, it was quite the fabulous birthday! Getting older ain't so bad after all, huh?

  4. I love this! You did well on your birthday. Love the six free bagels from Zingerman's! Here's to many more years of fab freebies! xo

  5. free is always fun!

    did you try the ben and jerry's pumpkin cheesecake limited batch? to die for! you should pick it up before it's gone!

    happy birthday!!!


  6. thats awesome! looks like you had a grand ole day!
    Happy Birthday, Ms. Sagittarius twin ;)


  7. Karen, have you been to zingerman's then? Don't they have the most delicious sourdough ever made?!

  8. Jane, I have NOT tried that flavor, but now will be sure to, pumpkin pie is my favorite thanksgiving dish, so I'm sure I would love it. Thanks for letting me know!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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