Sep 17, 2010

I used to hate these shirts

Sometime in the 90's when I was in high school, (please don't do the math) ;) these ruffled floral blouses were all the rave. I hated them then, thought they were absolutely hideous! But that was also when I myself was wearing striped tights and black everything, (including lipstick and fingernail polish), all of which is completely appalling to me NOW. Funny how when your perspective on life changes, your way of dressing up does too!

So recently while on a shopping trip, I saw this blouse and initially was going to pass it up after remembering how much I didn't like the style back then. But since I'm in my experimenting phase, I decided to pick it up for myself and give her a go! Well, surprise, surprise, I LOVE how it looks: kinda country, a little feminine and flouncy with those ruffles, and comfortable too. Very "me" now. Who knew?

Ensemble details:

high-waist Jordache jean shorts, thrifted, and always a must-have for my summers!
skinny brown belt, thrifted
knee-high brown leather riding boots, ToriaMunoz on Etsy.



  1. Your still rockin' it...And I'm sure you looked just as fab as you do now.

  2. I love those shirts! And it looks perfect on you :) I really like wearing things that I used to hate. Haha. It shows me how much I've grown as a person :)

  3. here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time!

  4. pretty pretty! love the blouse and denim shorts :-)


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