Jun 2, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- 1970s LOVERS PHOTO T-shirt

Just like me. . .they long to be . . . close to you

How about this for novelty prints?
I've always loved photographic prints on clothes.
This kitschy romantic tee is kinda funny, but a little sweet too.
I like the light coming in through the tree in the background.

Lovey Dovey on a little t-shirt.

For sale by violet64 on Etsy.

oh, and the quoted song is none other than this little tune by the Carpenters. (always been a fave)

The story of Karen Carpenter is such a sad one, but we'll talk about that later. . .


  1. oh wow, you're right, it DOES look like sonny!

  2. That is one weird shirt. To have a lover's embrace stretched across your boobs - CLASSY!

  3. i just love karen carpenter's voice. nice tee.

  4. oh my gosh, this is so ridiculously great.


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