Jun 11, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- 1950's JET SETTER Traveler's Purse

I hope to find myself one day enjoying the places printed on this darling 1950's handbag. I've been to New York, but Paris has been calling for a while, and I haven't yet been able to answer that longing.

How cute would it be to have this little purse dangling from your arm while on vacation?
Why, it's a Jet Setter's perfect accessory!

For sale by PlanetClaireVintage on Etsy.


  1. Awww that bag is soo cute.

    xx Love & Aloha
    ***Swing by to check out my little giveaway!

  2. my goodness, not only is that bag terrific, the whole shop is!


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