Jun 11, 2010

Back to the Blog after the Busy

Ever have one of those weeks or months where it takes another entire week literally to get back on track?
I'm having one of those right now.

My weekends have been so INCREDIBLY BUSY lately. When I look at my planner, it appears that nearly every weekend in this summer there is something or another going on.
It's mostly family stuff, and I'm not complaining at all.
These people mean the world to me. . .

But. . . when I get back home and realize how long the TO-DO list has become since I've left, it can be a little overwhelming.

I'm trying to keep in mind. . . this is the time of the year to really enjoy the company of those you care about the most.
It's when the gorgeous weather actually makes it possible to do so.

I hope all of you are making wonderful memories with those closest to you as well.
These Are Days ♫ by Natalie Merchant comes to mind.

Here are some special moments from my Spring 2010 so far.


This is the little boy who keeps me grounded amidst all the chaos. My son. ♥

Dad's family weekend. They're a mix of Irish and Native American and LOVE the country/horses/Johnny Cash/Pbr. ;)

Always my baby brother no matter how much bigger he is than I.
"sisters of sunshine" ;)
Immediate family weekend. This is my nephew Isaac. Adore him to pieces. He is so very silly and sweeter than apple butter.
Mom's family weekend, and this is only a few of them! This side is Hispanic, there are some AMAZING cooks in this family, and it's very close-knit, which is such a blessing.
Hugs are pretty much guaranteed. ♥

Cousins time. This was a recent wedding.
That pretty gal in the purple has been my favorite cousin since birth.
She is such a riot to go out with, I don't know anyone who can go anywhere and have a good
time no matter what like this girl can.

It's so much fun to get together with the people that you've known your whole life and
share and reminisce about memories of childhood.
These people know how to make me laugh until tears are rolling out of my eyes.

♥ Such Good Times ♥

Listen to the words. . .

Leaving you, dear blog readers, with a wish to
ENJOY YOUR SUMMERTIME with your own special folks, no matter how topsy-turvy and potentially stressful this season gets!


  1. I love these pictures of you and your family, J. Especially that photo of you and your son--so adorable! And love the photo of you and your sis with your dad, and the description of him totally makes me smile.

  2. CUTE!! you son is adorable! ya'll are blessed with good genes


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