Jun 24, 2010

2 Hour Trip For a Guitar

This is my best guy friend James. The other day I dropped everything I was doing to head out on a spontaneous road trip from Michigan to Ohio in search of what James called the guitar of his dreams. He insisted that I just HAD to come along. . . so I did. This was a guitar he found on Craigslist, so this little spur of the moment excursion was just to see if the instrument was all he was imagining it to be.

This better be good, Mister!

We filled 'er up,
Headed out on the open road,
Sang our hearts out to classic rock playin' on the radio really loud,
Enjoyed the country scenery,
and then came the meeting.
James explained to me in technical terms how cool this guitar was, but my favorite part was that it was signed by Peter Frampton!
He picked it up the Gibson Les Paul like it was a baby, and after minutes of giddy conversation with the original owner, he decided it was a GO! I love the shiny caramel color.

I haven't seen James this happy in a long time, it's so cute.
When I asked him about the Frampton autograph, he told me he wouldn't even mind taking it off the guitar. I begged him not to! He said the signature had nothing to do with his love of it, and then proceeded going into all of the other reasons he was fond of the thing, none really of which I much understood, as I know very little about musical instruments.

But I'm so very happy I ended up going along.
It's nice to see someone following their dream. :)

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  1. I love mini road trips with good songs playing while your driving!

    What a fantastic guitar!
    Love the color.
    Tell him to be sure to give it a good name, I named mine Alejandro, cause he's sexy...lol


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