Dec 2, 2009

Mid-Week in Autumn

It's Wednesday, the middle of the week in early December and Autumn still takes it's course outside. I'm so happy for fall days that include the sunshine. "Please don't go away," I want to beg every time it comes out. Lack of light has such an affect on my mood, how about you? Whenever I tell people this they often say, "Why are you living in Michigan, Jessica?!" Someday I'll move south, I just know it!

Here are some new arrivals mixed in with some older listed goodies from the shop. These items are meant to keep you WARM while looking CUTE. Yes, I always long for 70+ degree weather, but while I'm stuck in these next two seasons, I'm focused on wearing and finding perfect-for-fall-and-winter clothes.

(I'm also focused on trying to stay away from overdoing it on perfect-for-fall-and-winter COMFORT FOOD so I can actually FIT in some of my special finds.) heehe. ;)

example #1, I found this ridiculously cute belted suede 70's jacket &
wanted to keep it, but the waist is too small!

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