Dec 27, 2009

Longing and Reflecting

I've been at Mom and Dad's since Christmas Eve and will hopefully be home in the next couple of days. We'll see because it is unbelievably snowy here and I'm a little nervous to drive on these icy roads.

The snow makes everything in the country look pretty, it's true. But just today I found myself saying, "I'm already impatiently counting down the days till spring. . . "

I'm not a winter girl. I'm just not. I WANT to enjoy it, I REALLY do. I even made an effort to take a little country winter walk yesterday, which was beautiful. The best part to me, though, was getting back inside to get all warm again!

Warmer climates are constantly calling my name. I found this picture below and it reminded me so much of looking back on and longing for those sunny, humid days of June, July, and August.

On a positive note, I think that one of the sweetest things about winter is that it gives us such a perfect opportunity to simply REFLECT. Journal writing has been such a wonderful outlet lately. My next challenge to myself is to brave the cold more often and to take pictures of delightful things that I enjoy about this chilly season.

Wish me luck! ;)

P.S. Time for New Year's resolutions soon. Have you made any yet?

Photo from Glitter Feet on Flickr.

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  1. A florida girl at heart, I never thought I'd like the cold either. Spending the winter in the midwest is giving me a newfound appreciation for the snow and the cold weather. its so gorgeous and I find myself feeling the cold, but not being cold!

    Although, if I lived somewhere where I had to walk everywhere I think I'd get sick of it quick!

    that is a lovely photo and I do miss picnics...


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