Oct 28, 2009

Wednesday Wishlist :: LABEL LOVE // Wondrous Wenjilli

About 6 years ago, when I first started selling vintage clothing online via Ebay I found this AMAZING dress that I have regretted selling ever since. It was dark brown metallic knit, long, and form fitting. It also had this tiny peek-a-boo crocheted area on the bodice that I thought was especially lovely. I made it a point at the time to remember the label WENJILLI because I loved the dress so much! Yes, that dress was unforgettable and as a matter of fact ended up being one of my best sales on Ebay. Recently, I was wishing I had a picture to show you guys, when I thought, "OF COURSE! I bet I'll find one on Etsy!" :)

I would love to know more about the background and history of the label Wenjilli, but the only thing I've really found out through researching online is that these dresses were made in Hong Kong in the 1970's.

Aren't they just gorgeous?

I love the copper color & cowl neck on this one from seller

**Label looks like this**

The open crocheted detail I mentioned. This one for sale by

So perfect for fall, I love the way this dress is accessorized with the belt
& necklace. For sale by


  1. I love this label too - so well made and sexy too!! Thanks for giving my midnight blue Wenjilli a shout out!!

  2. Midnight blue is soooo much more flattering than black

  3. Love the curve clinginess of these Wenjilli knits. Full body coverage, yet still slinky and sexy! Thanks for featuring one of mine too!

    XOXO Empress Jade Vintage


  4. Wow, that golden dress looks amazing!!!

  5. Thanks for giving my copper Wenjelli a shout out! I'm glad to see that others appreciate this label, they are always fabulous dresses.


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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