Oct 26, 2009

Novelty Print of the Day -- PEANUTS Comic Vintage Mini Dress!

Today's novelty print is not for sale, but if it were, I'd already have snatched it up, definitely! While out and about yesterday, I met this adorable gal named Alex, who was wearing this DARLING little dress with the Peanuts characters all over it. Being the lifelong Peanuts fan that I am, I had to ask her kindly for a pic so I could share it for the novelty print of the day.

The funny thing is though, Snoopy is a spotted dog in the print. hmmmm. . .

**Alex told me she bought this at a local vintage shop, so I'm sure it would not be easily found again, however, readers, if you ever see anything like this again, please email me, I want a Peanuts dress!**

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