Aug 29, 2009

Warm and Cozy Politics. The Sweaters of Lisa Anne Auerbach.

When I found out our local museum was featuring the work of Lisa Anne Auerbach, I couldn't wait to make a visit. This fierce knitter certainly has a knack for making a strong (and shocking to some) fashion statement. . . with warm and cozy slogan sweaters! I love the irony. Each sweater also had a matching skirt. Hope you enjoy these snapshots I took of a few of her creations. Disclaimer: These aren't necessarily my political views, however this gal gets points in my book just for being so creatively brave.

Thoughts? Have a favorite? Least favorite?
For more about Lisa Anne Auerbach, visit her blog at:


  1. Jessica, I love this! Amazing sweaters. And your photos are fantastic. Thanks for posting this.


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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