Aug 10, 2009


My friends keep telling me, "Stop wishing for fall!" But I can't help it, it's one of Michigan's most beautiful times of the year, AND I'm such a sucker for apple cider and doughnuts! ;) Fall also means I'll be returning to my real job, possibly only part-time this school year, now that I'm so in love with Etsy!

Here are a few updated items from the shop that I thought were perfect for the Back-to-school theme. What's your favorite fall item? When it starts getting chilly I can't wait to retrieve all of my favorite vintage sweaters out of storage! Some I've had for years, and they're not in what I'd call excellent condition by any means but there's just something special about putting on your favorite old cozy warm sweater when it gets cold. . . we've all got one, I'm almost sure of it.

For those of you not looking forward to sweater weather at all, don't worry, we've got plenty of hot days left. AND. . . remember that incredibly warm October we had not long ago? That was AMAZING.


  1. I'm craving plaid...zippers...and leather of course :P Happy Monday lovee.

  2. Yay! I can't wait for fall, either, and you're right, it's the most beautiful season in Michigan.

    I love plaid and sweaters and tights and boots. Layers! :)

  3. the very first photo.....

    I'm in love. with it.


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