Aug 13, 2009

80's Night Out

Imagine your ideal night out with the gals. I was able to experience that little dream of mine last Saturday when a couple of my girlfriends and I traveled to metro Detroit to experience this cover band called The Mega 80's. I have forever wanted a night to get all dressed up crazy and mix-matched, pick up the gals, and go dancing to my favorite songs from growing up!

This was the outfit I initially wanted to wear, however, the skirt was a tidbit too snug, so. . .

. . . this is what I ended up wearing. Aahh, much more comfortable, and definitely tons more colorful.

My fun friends. Getting ready is almost the best part!

Ready to dance!

The band played all sorts of fun 80's pop rock during the 1st part of the show.

It's Maverick and Iceman. We developed a lil' crush on these cool guys that dressed up like the Top Gun boys.

There's just something about those aviator sunglasses. . .

The 2nd half of the show was dedicated to heavy metal and hard rock. So the band members came out with new outfits. Bring on the big hair!

Tired gals. We danced ALL NIGHT LONG and worried we might lose our voice the next day from singing so hard.

I hope to go back very soon. I'm so attached to the 80's because when I was a little girl I used to watch some of my aunts spend hours getting ready to go out. I remember thinking that I couldn't wait to be grown up so I could dress all pretty and go out dancing too. :) The memory of their pale eyeshadow, great lash mascara, and pastel pumps will never leave me! (and all of those songs from Saturday night were ALWAYS playing in the background. . . )



  1. omg.. how CUTE U are with that dress jessiiiiiiiiiiii LOL !! really CUTE !! + muuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa


  2. You guys look so cute, and I love that those guys dressed up like Top Gun! This was me in the early 80s: black stirrup pants, an oversize abstract black-on-yellow shirt, and black ankle boots. *shudder*


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