Jun 8, 2009

Local Fashion Show Highlights

My sis Loli {the 2nd half of LoLa Vintage} and I recently went to a local Fashion show and I wanted to share what I thought were some of the highlights!

Here are some of the dresses I liked:

Not so sure about the hem of this dress, but I liked the neckline, material, and print.

This was actually a set. I thought it was classy, and loved the fitted shape.

One of my favorite combinations together are the colors pink and black, and I also loved the plunging neckline on this cute little dress!

This ruffled soft pink maxi dress is magic...

... it instantly turns mini! Cute, huh?

These next few pics were of reconstructed items used as fashion. I love the creativity here!

This little tutu dress is full of origami birds. :)

I think this was called the "smell pretty dress" :-P It was full of those tree-shaped air fresheners you put in your car. Kinda fun!

And then this was my favorite reconstructed piece! The "Kroger Bag" dress. I imagined how fun it would be to wear this while grocery shopping at Kroger and then when the bag boy says, "paper or plastic, maam?" I would say, "Oh, that won't be necessary!" :D heehe!

I wish I had more info about the names of the designers but I lost my program for the show. I'll likely go next year too, because it feels nice to support local artists, especially when they're doing something with fashion from scratch! That's impressive! Great job, gals!

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