Mar 5, 2008

Enid Collins was an amazing purse designer from Texas that put an unbelievable amount of imagination and fun into all of her creations. Collins' creations started selling in 1959 until around about 1970. Although Collins produced a few styles of handbags, none were as sought after as her original one-of-a-kind wooden box purses . These treasures were usually vividly painted with neat animals and decorated with jewels of all colors and sizes which added to each and every purse's unique appeal. Additionally, the quality of Collins' bags were never lacking! Most purses had leather or lucite handles and real square or round mirrors inside. One of my favorite things about these exceptional novelty purses is how the artist handpaints a title on the front, a distinct name for each special work of art. There's the "owl and pussycat", or "glitterbugs", or how about "in the swim" which features a beautiful painting of a fish. So, just remember, if you ever happen to come across one of these darling little wooden boxes with handles, all decked out in colorful gems, with the famous ec logo, admire it for a moment or two, afterall, you're holding a peice of history :)

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For more info and identifying and date advice for these special wooden boxes, please visit these two helpful websites.

The World of Enid Collins Purses

*Hoping to connect vintage lovers everywhere to their heart's treasure*

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