Oct 4, 2008

It's been a while!

I simply cannot believe it has been over a month since I've last written. Well, I am happy (and sad) to say that the movie has officially wrapped. (as of Sept. 13 actually) in Michigan. What an experience! (certainly one I'll never forget). I was so happy to get a picture with my two favorite stars on the set! ;) For a while it was so hard to believe that it was over. Also, the last day in Michigan it was completely rainy the entire day, so I think that put a little damper on everyone's mood. Sometime pretty late (maybe between 11pm-1am) they called, "Last Michigan scene!" After the cut of that scene we all (cast and crew on set) piled up into this tiny living room where we drank a few beers, watched some bloopers, and heard our lovely director give us a beautiful "thank you and farewell" speech. She almost cried, and I definitely shed a few tears myself. I gave a few gifts and hugs, and afterward there was a party at a local bar that's been a huge favorite among me and my friends for quite a long time. It was awesome to be partying with the stars at such a familiar place!! :) Thank you to the ELBOW ROOM for hosting an after hours party just for us! I remember I left around 6:30 am and there were STILL people there partying. Wow.
Goodbye Ellen & Drew, I hope I see you again someday. Thanks for all the Thank you's and hugs. Goodbye Kind Services, thanks for all the delicious food you constantly provided for us, and COFFEE TOO, cannot forget the COFFEE! Goodbye AWESOME and AMAZING CREW!!!! (sniffle sniffle). I will miss so many of you soooooo much and hope we meet again! (especially Stephen, Francesca, Gordon, Bob, Johnny and Johnny, Dday, Charlie, Jim, and all those other people, you know who you are!)

I would like to say though . . . it's kinda nice being back to my simple life. ;)
I can't wait to start selling & writing about vintage again! I've gotten to see some of my very great friends, I've moved . . . change is in the air, it must be AUTUMN!
Happy FALL everyone!

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