Aug 13, 2012

Summer Snippets

To see the summer sky
Is poetry, though never in a book it lie -

True poems flee.
~Emily Dickinson

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If you've been following my blog or twitter for a while, it's no secret that summer is my favorite season! Being warm and outdoors just makes me happy, what can I say? Wanted to share a few sparkling moments of my life from these past few bright & sunshiny perfect months... Doesn't that bit from Emily Dickinson above just say it all? :)

In order:
1. I jumped in the pool with one of my favorite vintage dresses on - it was utterly exhilarating, and I love the picture my sister snapped.
2. Saw a double rainbow ("oh my god, all the way!" :p)
3. Lake day -I was on a date right here!
4. Finally took my boy to the Lego store which is located in a mall about an hour away. Lego-addict, that one! He was in HEAVEN.
5. Made some new girlfriends. Steph, in the middle, has a food blog with pics & recipes that will make your mouth water!
6. Pressed a bunch of flowers from my backyard for memories of summer, 2012. I loved the bleeding hearts best.
7. My sis & I attacking my mama with kisses for a picture. We were *so happy* she visited for a few days!
8. The ladies of my family toasting my sis on the beginning of her 3rd decade of life. ♥ She's darn lucky to have a summer birthday, and I tell her that every single year.
9. sittin' on the dock o' the bay . . . sippin on a rum & coke watching the sun go down. That day may have just been my favorite day of the entire year. :)

Hope all of you had some sparkling summer moments of your own! Fall is just around the corner, and though I'm excited about buying cardigans & getting cozy, I know it won't be long after till I'm pining for July again. . .


  1. Awwww! These are such great pictures, and I especially love the one of you in your dress in the water--the colors are amazing! I need a floaty thingy like the one you're on in picture 3. Glad you enjoyed your summer!

  2. That first picture is absolutely WONDERFUL. Well, they all are. I'm so glad you're having a great summer! I miss ya lady. Hopefully we'll all be around more come fall :)

    xo, Bruklyn


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