Nov 19, 2012

Deliciously Demure

Some gorgeous items recently added to the shop! and I have a confession... I really want to keep each and every one of these, so you will be doing me a huge favor by taking them from me. Practicing the art of resisting temptation lately BIG TIME in more than just one area of my life. believe me, it's a challenge for this girl. #Disciplinedisciplinediscipline. ;)

Felt so lucky when I found four 1950s sweaters in a row while thrifting. a rare occurrence for thrifting - and they are all in perfect condition too! Fit for a bombshell!

1950s Baby Blue Wool Sweater
1960s Hot Pink Knit Dress Suit, SO cute!
1960s Holly Go Lightly Black Lace & Bow Cocktail Dress
Seafoam Softness 1950s Cardigan - Angora & Wool, divine!
The "Pet Me" faux fur black mini dress, 1960s
Find all of these items now in the shop. (except for the first sweater, she got away fast!)


  1. Gorgeous update! I'm tempted by the seafoam cardigan. :)

  2. I love your taste when it comes to fashion


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