Oct 1, 2012

Pumpkin Orange Skirt

IMG_3089 IMG_3096a IMG_3114

Today I've got a ton of running around to do, and I want to be comfortable! Recently purchased this cute vintage 50s pumpkin orange full skirt and thought it perfect for today's errands. I feel festive! Need to buy some carving pumpkins now. :)

Can't believe I'm braiding my hair these days too, I usually wear it down and the same way almost ALWAYS, but thought I should take advantage of this warm sunshiny weather before my head's covered in hats soon. Neat fact side note: That dark blue jean (zipperless) bag was made by my dad's Amish friend - I love their simplicity in design!

Wishing you a wonderful and productive week, internet friends!



  1. So cute! I love the colors, and the little rick rack trim on your skirt. And that bag is terrific. Isn't this weather the best?

  2. Such a cute outfit and the colour of the skirt is so gorgeous! I especially love the ric rac trim. :)


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