Apr 2, 2012

Gone for the week!

Remember how fun it was to be off from school for a week during Spring Vacation? For the first time in a LONG TIME my son has the same spring break as his cousins, and today we're heading up north for a week-long stay with my parents in the country. I've been looking forward to this since the beginning of the year!! :)

It's very important to me that Lukas gets this time, not only with my niece & nephew, but with my parents as well. We've been planning a few fun mid-Michigan activities, but I think it will just be nice to have some quality family time because we don't all get to see each other very often.

I'm also going to try to hit up a few of my favorite antique stores for shop goodies -- pretty excited about that!

Just wanted to give a little heads up because I will be sending some pics/messages to my twitter, but won't be able to tweet back right away ( no, I don't have a smart phone yet!) or get back to shop messages ASAP, as my parents do not have the internet. (yes, they live in the middle of nowhere, deepinnahearta the boonies!) It's super peaceful, I just hope the weather is nice, because I want to help my dad start his garden. Pics to come!

SO:: shop purchases made from today through next Sunday will be shipped the following Monday, April 9th.

"See" you back in the WWW soon, friends!

Have a wonderful week! -- Jessica

Love these kids sooo much. Childhood is infinitely special!

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