Mar 19, 2012

Tiny and Shiny -- Show & Tell

It was Duff of JeanJean Vintage who first had me really thinking about my jewelry collection. I enjoyed her jewelry box tour posts and was inspired to do a little post featuring some of my own pieces -- finally getting around to doing just that! I've never been much of a jewelry girl at all actually, but after going through every tiny and/or shiny little thing from 2 jewelry boxes, I realize I have more than I knew, and sifting through it also gave me the chance to get rid of what I no longer wear, something that needed to be done a long time ago!

Looking over this collection of pretties I've been holding onto makes me realize that I've had many of these items since I was a teen! I think it's time for a few more sophisticated pieces now that I am enjoying my 3rd decade of life and feeling that just maybe I know a thing or two about accessorizing (still learning, believe me!). Below is what I'll be keeping!

The Tiny and Shiny Collage... with a few common themes ::
Things that fly and meow.
Fruit (reminds me of Carmen Miranda, love her!)
Little boxes or containers in which to keep secrets/hide money from myself for a rainy day. The peacock pill box is a thrifted find that made me want to start collecting pill boxes. They're so tiny and cute. The "Happiness" box and "guardian angel" inside were both gifts after my Grandma passed away, so I often keep that one in my purse as a reminder of her.

Things that remind me of my childhood. (Aren't those roller skate earrings so cool?) They were a gift from Kerri of Ten Things for the premiere of Drew Barrymore's Whip-it, a movie filmed right here in Michigan that I was lucky to be a part of in 2008. That glittering unicorn necklace has yet to see the light of day, but I had to have it when I saw it!
Hearts.  Because ♫ Love is a many splendored thing!♫
Flowers, I think they just make so many outfits prettier.
things that remind me of growing up "country". Lol
makin' a statement::
Like to wear this pin on days I'm feeling a little low, it makes me laugh. :-p
ohhhh, just a little pair of earrings I usually like to put on after a romantic break up. ;-p aren't these funny?

definitely want to add some more necklaces & bracelets soon! I'm open to links of vintage pieces from Etsy if you've got a suggestion based on my interests above! :)


  1. Oh, I adore going through and looking at jewellery collections. Thanks so much for sharing yours!

    I have a similar brooch to your blue and red floral one. :)

  2. Love these! Thanks for sharing your collection. I have a ton of stuff from high school too. I really need update my collection as well!

  3. I love this! Your collection is so you, J! I wish I had more of the fun jewelry I wore as a child, but I'm lucky to have a good part of my grandma's jewelry. I am in my fourth decade and *still* learning how to accessorize well!

  4. hey lady! that blue bird is screaming out at me, it's super cool! I had a little blue bird pair of earrings in the early 90s and lost 'em...such a bummer. Those liberated lady earrings are freaking fantastic, what a hoot!

  5. Karen, I was thinking the same thing about these pieces I kept, "these are so me". :D


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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