Jan 10, 2012

January's First Batch

Hello, blogger friends, are you there? It's me, Jessica. ;)

It's been a minute, I know. But MY GOODNESS there were holidays. . . and then birthdays near the holidays. . . and then my son was on break from school, and finally my mind was all, "please, please! I just need some quiet time." So that's what I've been giving it.

Time to focus on the shop again, though! And here's the first batch for January. I'm kind of in love with that panda sweater, so someone buy it quick, before I steal it outta my own shop! That red & white striped dress is the first maternity dress I've listed in a while, but after I saw those cute buttons, I couldn't pass it up! Feels good to be back, happy 2012 to all of you!! xo

{Shop Lola Vintage}

V Neck Cream PANDA Sweater, vintage 70s
Flannel Plaid Victorian-Inspired Prairie Blouse, vintage 70s
Snowflake Tunic Sweater, vintage 70s
Striped Cotton 'BABY' Buttons Maternity Dress, vintage 70s
Faux Curly Lamb Fur Puff Sleeve Coat, Vintage 40s
Sequined & Sleeveless White Chiffon Party Dress, vintage 50s
Lace Up Denim Corset Tank Style Blouse, vintage 80s


  1. Aw! I love this pre-Valentine-y update. Especially the part about the sweetie who makes you laugh. That is VERY important.


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