Apr 18, 2011

Water For Elephants

Love story. Based on the best selling novel by Sara Gruen. With Robert Pattinson, and lovely Reese Witherspoon. Centered around the happenings of a circus.  Comes out this Friday.

And. . . set in the 1930's.
Ok, you've got me, it's really the clothes I want to see! But, of course!

Movie stills found here.  

Miss Witherspoon looks so stunning, doesn't she? I love that hair style.
Here's the trailer.


  1. I love this era too! The clothes, the hair, the music! I was born too late.

    You really should watch Boardwalk Empire. You see this stuff throughout the series. I LOVE it!

  2. Boardwalk is dazzling, I agree--but set in 1920. This is 1930s, even BETTER!! Drooling over the white skirt ensemble and the sailor details, eeksss!!

  3. I can't wait! I read the book it was a little sad, but the outfits will be to die for!

  4. Does look gorgeous, what stunning costumes & r-patz don't look too bad either! x

  5. Boardwalk Empire starts in the 20s, but it is continuing to move forward as it covers the Prohibition era which is 1920s - 1930s.

    The clothing is great in both decades. :)

  6. Oh wow! I want to see that. Looks like my kind of movie.


  7. oh that red dress! *sigh* can't wait to see this one! thanks for the heads up. i never know whats going on in cinema.



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