Jan 25, 2011

Giddy in Pink

When I found this pretty little pink number for the shop, I think I secretly knew in my heart of hearts that it would end up being mine. I wasn't so sure it would fit, and it actually doesn't (at all) on the shoulder area. So I pinned it! Can you tell? I also somehow managed to make it have a v-neckline, when beforehand it just had a button-up closure all the way to the top. No sewing here, just a little pinching and pinning. I almost felt like our favorite 80's redhead when she walks out of her room in her DIY prom dress. ALMOST. ;) (goal # 8,973,433: learn how to alter my own clothing.)

I think I might choose to wear this for Valentines day if I dress it up a bit more. I'm TICKLED that it is a shimmering light silk shantung, but the very sweetest part is the shape of the skirt, and of course, those ruffles. They move when I move! Yes, she is. GIDDY IN PINK. XOXO

. . . and since I missed yesterday's Music Monday, check out the song below, the video is a tribute to that favorite red-haired gal I just mentioned. :)



  1. adorable! pink looks great on you.
    you can do so much with that dress too.
    <3 molly ringwald

  2. Hi Lola, I really like your blog and I'll follow ;) All your outfits look amazing! I love vintage clothing too!

  3. Thank you for your comments! An all pink dress is usually rare for me, but I love this one! :)


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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