Dec 9, 2011

Black and White and Red All Over


Took a ME day recently.

What that looks like: taking about an hour to get dressed and being "in" it. I mean to say... enjoying it and not feeling guilty for doing so. I say this because it seems like I'm rushing so much as of late and I really don't like that feeling. Do you know what I'm talking about, my friends? Maybe it's the season, feel like there are a gazillion + 2 things going on right now. And this person needs you for this...and that person needs you for that. Overwhelming holidays, I guess!

A "me" day usually means getting dressed up purrrdy and taking my journal and some books to my favorite cafe while indulging in a mocha with extra whip cream, but this particular day it meant spoiling myself just a little with some goodies from Aveda and Sephora with birthday money.It's so easy to spend an hour+ in Sephora!

I've mentioned these pants, they're not vintage but Donna Karan, found at a consignment shop.  And this top. OMG, so in love with it. bought it at a local vintage boutique, and was almost CERTAIN it wouldn't fit me. utterly ELATED when I found out I was wrong!  I encourage you 150% to take a day ALL FOR YOURSELF at the very least once per month. :) It's become a necessity to me.

What does your ME day look like?


  1. I know how you feel. I'm not sure it it's the season to be busy but I hope it calms down a little soon!

    I love your outfit! Adorable! And you have totally inspired me to take more "me" days. I love to dress up and what better excuse than for myself? :)

  2. Wow, your outfit is amazing!! I love it! =)


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