Nov 10, 2011

Pretend Bangs & Plaid


I've been nervous to hold any pair of scissors lately because I'm aching for a new hairstyle, and I'm afraid I'll have one of those impulsive moments of cutting my hair all by myself. Have you ever had one of those? I've regretted it almost always, but I know I need to do something different, and SOON. So... this was my small attempt to change it up, and manipulate my hair to look as if I had bangs. (just pinned it back & put a hat on). This time of the year usually means dressing darker, but I would've looked like I was in mourning if I hadn't paired this black 50's dress with some color. Cue cute plaid blazer that has NEVER BEEN WORN since purchase over a year ago. Yes... just one of those items that sits in the back of the closet begging for some attention. "Pick me! Pick me!" so I did, and really ended up liking the result.

Black 50's full skirt cotton dress: thrifted
Fitted Plaid Blazer Jacket: H&M
Belt: thrifted
Black tights: Target
Velvet Victorian Style boots: thrifted


  1. I love it--but you know, I love black and I love plaid! And yes, I have had that feeling that I want to cut my own hair. I've done it with my bangs many times (usually to no ill effect). I've also made A cut my hair once or twice, and he did a pretty decent job. But ever since I've had the pixie, I've left my hair in the very capable hands of Didi, the best stylist in Grand Rapids.

  2. LOVE the outfit AND the bangs! I love bangs. I quite enjoyed them when I had them. You should take the plunge :) XO

  3. if I do that self fringe cut thing (haven't got used to saying bangs!) I always think when I go to my hairdresser she can tell straight to stay away from the scissors I reckon...good outfit lady! cozy.

  4. Love, love, love this outfit on you my deer.

  5. Karen, I need my own Didi over here! Soon, so soon, this mop is going to get a makeover.

  6. Gorgeous outfit lady!! I LOVE IT! I know what you mean about the hair. I love it long but really want some sort of style. It's so much harder to do with long hair.


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