Jul 28, 2011

Shoulder Ties Sun Dress

One of my favorite things to wear in the summer time is the cotton sun dress with shoulder ties! It really reminds me of being a little girl sometimes. Remember wearing those cute little smocked sun dresses growing up? I also love this one because it's fun twirlin' in that super full tiered skirt! Super comfortable cotton too. Paired it with a leather belt that honestly gets paired with nearly all of my sun dresses, I like it that much.

The rose necklace is pretty special to me. It reminds me of my Grandma because she used to wear something very similar. My sis is now the lucky owner of Gram's original rose necklace, but I found one that is just as pretty, and the sentiment is still there.♥

 ALSO ---
Check out our garden's progress! I've been using that basil fresh off the stem for homemade pizza, and the kale I planted myself! :) The blackberries are what I'm most thrilled about, though. There are seriously a TON growing in our far backyard. It's great because even if I go out and pick a bowlful one day, another bowlful is ready the very next day. Mmmmm berry pie & vanilla ice cream is heaven on a hot summer evening, my friends!


vintage black bow hat: thrifted
vintage tiered sun dress: thrifted
vintage heart necklace: Mitten antique store
leather belt: thrifted
leather sandals: DSW


  1. This is such a cute dress! I just put one in the shop that I wanted to keep so badly, but it was just too big :( You're making me wish it fit even more!

    xo, Bruklyn

  2. you're adorable!!! love your hat! ties the look together!

  3. I'm right with you, cotton summer dresses are the best! I adore your outfit ♥

  4. You look sooo pretty in that dress, love the belt with it! xx

  5. adore me some smock dresses.
    love your herb/veggie garden.
    our blackberries wont grow anymore because its too hot out, but take advantage &make a blackberry pie :)

  6. You are beautiful! Love me some Lola Vintage. ; ) Nice dress.

  7. You are looking so very bohemian Stevie Nicks-esque here--beautiful, J! And your garden is rocking. (I do remember wearing those sundresses with the smocked bodices.)

  8. i really really adore that dress. i think if i had it i'd have a tough time not living in it the entire summer!!

    so jea of the black berries! we have grapes in our back yard, but i hear they won't ripen till sept. YUM!!


  9. oooh I just sold a sundress like that and it was tough, shoulder ties rock! and so does that garden...kale...that's a good idea for next vege to grow...basil is the only thing I seem to grow well!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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