May 3, 2011

Dorm Mate Lunch

Friends, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm so out of the blog loop lately. Sometimes I feel like I'm such a bad blogger. Oftentimes I find myself thinking "hmmm, what exactly does the world want to know about me?" And then I thought just today, "well what do I want to know about people usually? Why do I choose to read the blogs I choose to read?" I came up with this list, and it's surely not the end of it, just what I came up with at the top of my head. ;)

- what makes people happy
- the ins and outs of their day
- what inspires them
- and what they're wearing, of course!

I apologize for the lack of my outfit/personal posts. I'm gonna try to start being better with them starting today.  *fingers crossed* It's so much easier to do outfit posts when it's nice out, because I'd rather be taking pics outdoors, now I'm just waiting for Spring to really kick in here in the mitten!

Last week I was sooo happy to get a surprise visit from my college dorm mate. We met the very first day of move-in back in the late 90's. We've been friends ever since. Initially, she was not my roommate, but we changed that 2nd semester when we both realized we'd be much more suitable for living together than the first crazy dames we were paired with.

This is Sarah.
It was so nice to have this girl by my side when I was learning about the ins and outs of  romantic relationships way back then! We were always relating to each other about how our feelings/issues with guys could be explained in a song, and had I never met her, I never would have been introduced to this band or this one among many others she put on mixed tapes for me! One of these days I'll scan some pics of us from our college days. It's pretty fun to see how much we've both changed!

Do any of you still keep in touch with your college roomies? So happy this girl & I are still friends! Unfortunately, she hates to shop (makes me laugh), but I can always count on her for some great conversation and many laughs about our good ole' college days. :)


  1. Soooo many fond memories of our young adult years in college. Thanks for meeting up with me last minute for some good ole conversation and grub. Believe it or not, I've never seen the videos to those two indie oldies! I am going to go watch and reminisce now. Thank YOU! XXXOOO

  2. I can't believe you've never seen the videos! p.s. I still want a copy of that main street conversation! x

  3. that's funny that your best friend hates to shop-- mine does too! I guess opposites do attract sometimes!

  4. What a lovely post (the Fonz rocks!) I have just got back in touch with my best friends from school after not seeing them for almost 10 years, best thing I've done in forever! xxx

  5. Very sweet! Does everyone not end up with a horrible roommate freshman year of college? I had one who was awful...but like you, met another cool girl (who lived on my floor, and also had a dreadful roomie) who later became my roommate our sophomore and junior years! (Her name is Jessica, too.) We lost touch for awhile after college and then re-connected via a perfume chat board! And she loves vintage, too. :D

    (Thanks, J--I think you might have just inspired a blog post!)

  6. Maria, it boggles me to this day that she doesn't like shopping! What's not to like?! heehe

    Becka, good for you! It makes all the difference. When I first got a Facebook, it was such an awesome tool for me to find my old friends!

    Karen! That is awesome that you reconnected w/ an old friend on a perfume chat board of ALL THINGS! So cool, talk about fate of a friendship connection. :)


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