Apr 9, 2011

The Fishtail Braid

I'm missing my long hair today. Not that my hair is too short to try this style out, but even when I had long hair I never wore it this way. I've always wanted to try it though. Isn't it pretty? May attempt it today on my shoulder length cut, we'll see. If you're interested too, there are plenty of tutorials on youtube! Post pics if you do, girls, and I will too. :)


PC: google and weheartit


  1. I'm totally gonna try that once my hair is a little longer! So cute Jess! My hair is just below shoulder length now....but I think it needs to be a bit longer before I can pull this off.

  2. That's so neat--it looks like herringbone!

  3. my hair isn't super long, but when it was, this was easy, just time consuming.

  4. such a cool style. i really love the rainbow brite hair! so brave.


  5. ahhh love braids!
    but i sooo suck at doing them myself...i will try once again and hope i wont fail this time

  6. i want to try this style! i'm not so good at braiding on the back of my head though cause when I cant see my hands i don't know what they're doing haha. but ill try a few tutorials...


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