Mar 16, 2011

Flowers and Birds and Lace, Oh MY!

I LOVE spring and summer shop updates because I always think they're the prettiest ones! Here are a few goodies that I've just recently added to the shop, and there may be a few in this batch that haven't made it there yet, but definitely will in the next 48 hours! Click any of the pics to take a peek. XO

{Shop Lola}
Vintage 70's Mesh Lace Bleubird Dress
Mesh Lace Shoulder Ties Bleubird Dress, vintage 70's
Vintage 80's Bright Mums Floral Dress with Bow
Bright Pink Mums Floral Rayon Dress, vintage 80's
Vintage 50's Cornflower Blue & Lace Dress Suit
Cornflower Blue & Lace Dress & Bolero Suit, vintage 50's
Deadstock 80's Silk & Angora Cream Crochet Sweater Top
Perfect Deadstock Cream Crochet Sweater, vintage 80's
Vintage 70's Gorgeous Monet Muse Sheer Floral Dress
Monet Muse Sheer Floral Dress, Vintage 70's
Vintage 80's Caramel Stripe Necktie Bow Blouse
Caramel Stripe Necktie Bow Blouse, Vintage 80's
Vintage 80's Peach Roses Backless Floral Dress,
Peach Roses Floral Backless Dress, vintage 80's
Vintage 80's Magenta Pink High Waist Flounce Shorts
Magenta High Waist Flounce Shorts, Vintage 80's
Vintage 60's Clover Lace Doily Dress
Lovely Lucky Lace Clover Doily Dress, Vintage 60's


  1. wow Jess, seriously great dress finds, that 70s one at the top is COOL!

  2. I love that cornflower and lace dress and jacket!

  3. Girl, these are some nice finds! I love all the floral and gorgeous colors :)

  4. Romantic...perfect for spring Jessica <3

  5. love the 80s peach roses dress and who doesn't need a pair of fuscia shorts!

    spring is here! no more ice and cold! thank goodness. the more flowers the better.


  6. thanks girls! this is my happiest time of the year. xo


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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