Feb 23, 2011

Verabel's Peacocks

VERABEL on Etsy has stolen my heart today with every single one of these vintage Peacock-inspired jewelry pieces. The stunning bright, rich colors of each piece are enough to to perk up any outfit. According to the listings, the peacocks are silk screened onto the vintage jewelry. Well done, Verabel. I'm in love. Be sure to view the rest of their shop for more brilliantly colorful necklaces, bracelets, lockets, and earrings. 


  1. So beautiful! I once read wearing actual peacock feathers was bad luck, but these wouldn't be!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Super cute necklace giveaway!

  2. Wow, really? I've never heard that. The peacock is such a vain bird, but I feel he has a right to be with all of that beauty!

  3. EEK! these pieces are so gorgeous. Crap, I know feel compelled to go to Etsy and drool all over them and then pout because Im so poor!


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