Jan 10, 2011

Pinstriped Pantsuit

I may be one of very few, but I crush on fitted pantsuits. Especially when they fit me. Finding them in which the blazer jacket AND pants comfortably fit my petite frame seems rare. Whenever I do find cute suits, the blazer is all too often too big for my *ahem* smaller upper half.  I specifically love, (and should have photographed) that the pants on this suit are high waisted, (double bonus, my favorite pant style) which makes them versatile as well.

Recently had to meet up with my 1 of my son's teachers and this is what I wore. Ahh, the easy professionalism of the pantsuit. When cut well, putting one on makes feeling "well-put-together" seem instant!

p.s. this is my last post with long hair (for a while anyway). I've got a new hairstyle and can't wait to post pics soon!


Stone Grey Fitted Pinstriped Pantsuit : Thrifted
Cream blouse : Thrifted
Anne Klein Candy Apple Red heels: Ebay

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  1. I so wish people wore suits more! this one is super cool, striped fabulousness! x


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