Aug 30, 2010

What'll I do?

Okay, let's be honest, some covers of songs just plain STINK. I won't go into naming the ones on my personal bad list, but it's true.

HOWEVER, sometimes, and more often than not actually, I come across a remake of a song that I absolutely love, and on a few occasions, even by accident!

A few years ago when my boyfriend worked in Portland for the summer, I found this song completely by accident on youtube and sent it to him when I was missing him like crazy. I love the voice of the girl, and her expressions and actions in the video reminded me so much of how I felt at the time.

♫ When I'm alone with only dreams of you that won't come true, what'll I do? ♫

The lovely song, originally written by Irving Berlin was also sung in the past by Julie London and Frank Sinatra, both also worthy of a listen.

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