Apr 17, 2010

Which Couple are You?

I got a big kick out of these pictures from reclarkgable's portfolio.
Like attracts like, I guess.
Can you identify with any of these?
Aren't they fun?
I will admit that I find rockabilly boy the cutest.
Sideburns get me every time.
Happy Saturday, blog friends!


  1. lol, maybe number 4 minus the tattoos! :o)

  2. oh, goodness, this is quincy signed into her hubbys account. hehe

  3. Possibly the mods, but it's more like I'm the girl with glasses and he's the mod dude!

  4. Ha! Love the crack pipe burn on the lip in the second shot, such a classic look.

    I guess we would be a combination of 3, 4 and couple #7 at this point our my lives.

  5. wow! so hard to decide, I would like to say I'm a mix of 1, 3 and the last one, possibly the 7th one as well. LOL. I think it depends on my mood for the day.

  6. the boy and i are the nerds. and we're fine with that. really we are. yep.

  7. I'm going with the nerds. Clean cut, but with a better style...but will talk your ear off about science and psychology.

    The hipster one at the bottom made me laugh.

  8. Karen, I see that!

    Purple, the last ones had me laughin too!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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