Nov 10, 2010

Style Crush -- Jackleen

Do you ever get style crushes? I was at the wedding of my good friends this last Friday evening, and while checking out who was there and what they were wearing (as I often tend to do, naturally) I saw this adorable girl walk in with her date and right there: instant style crush!

This is Jackleen.  Isn't she lovely?

We became friends and chit chatted about art, blogs, and fashion at our little round table at the wedding reception while everyone else hit up the appetizer table and danced in the background. When it was time to go, we made sure to share online info to keep in touch. I even asked her if she'd model for the shop sometime. Since she does live a little ways away it might be hard to work out, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that we can make it happen sometime in the near future!

Here's the cherry on top of our meeting: after letting this girl know just how much I adored her sense of style she ended up giving me her blazer before she left the party. I couldn't get over the cute little flowers on it. Isn't that the sweetest thing? :)

Find Miss Jackleen posting pictures of her world on her tumblr here.

p.s. her date (standing next to her in the bottom picture) gets kudos too, his outfit is just as darling as hers!

IMG_1944 IMG_1941IMG_1942IMG_1951


  1. I have hair crushes sometimes. I think it's because I can afford to change that up... to an extent! lol

  2. style-wise, she is exactly what I *think* I look like in my head....but, of course (and sadly), do not. It's like when I'm dancing and I think I look Beyonce, but really, actually look like Meatloaf.


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